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I confess. I haven’t let you read from me in a long time… But life is what happens while you’re making plans. In my case that meant, having so many wonderful and interesting crafty projects, there was simply not enough time to write for this website. Sorry about that … well a bit at least…

And what about now? What is the reason for coming back?

One could say, it’s due to Vera. Who’s Vera? Vera owns a small German crafting onlineshop*, and she also runs a facebook group. I am member of this group, because there is a lot of nice and creative people hanging around, you can always see interesting projects, get tips and see ideas. And in case of need, there is advice and help lurking around, too.

It was in this group that Vera started a shoutout for card crafters. She wants to publish her very own papercrafting magazine and for this she needed crafters to create some cards based on card sketches.

Wow, completely new and out of my comfort zone: working with a card sketch? How does that go and is it fun? Nothing to be done but try to find it out. Won’t do any harm, will it? And as the shoutout was sent almost four weeks ago, there is nothing less to be expected of me than starting at two o’clock last night to make the deadline tonight…As said above, life is …

Now, cut the long story short: What is it, working with a card sketch?

THAT is a card sketch. And already the first one this is all about – Sketch #1

The basic idea:

One takes a card sketch and lets be inspired by it for their own creations. Doing that use the sketch as layout orientation, but no need to stick to every details, even measurements are rather randomly and can be understood as “recommendations”.

Well, as this was my very first time ever working with a card sketch (even though I had seen them hundreds of times, I have never before worked with a sketch before), I decided to start up with – the first one – wow… You can see it in the picture above and it still looks easy enough. Ok, on I went and made my first sketch inspired greeting card. Topic? Randomly… Sort of… due to the time of the year the idea was a quick call:

My very first try: Kreativbunt card sketch #1 Kati -style

See what I am talking about?

Easy, isn’t it? One thinks… But here is number two:

Here comes the second task: Sketch #2

Another St. Patricks Day Karte? Nooo, boooring.

Rather dig deep in the collection and gather a paper collection that I bought earlier this year but hadn’t gotten to use, yet:

Much too beautiful to lay in the stash unused: “Splendor” by My Mind’s Eye

Quiet a bit of shifting and layering and changing and turning of the motives on the paper later, I ended up with this card: Sketch #2: The sentiment reads “I miss you”

Completely different card but beautiful as well, is it not?

Ok, that went well, I am hooked, bring along the next scetch!

Getting trickier: Sketch #3

What to do about this one?

Let’s think about it… St. Patrick’s Day, check. Some nice words for a dear person faraway, check. There was something else coming up…. Easter!

Thinking about it, there is a two years old Doodlebug paper collection laying in my stash, much loved, much used, but still enough left to feel the need to give it a good amount of use. Now’s the time.

Ok, Easter it is

Kreativbunt Kartensketch #3: Now it gets cute. Or short: Doodlebugish…

So, colorful and beautiful…

That’s what Easter should look like. Good idea, I like it. And there is still one more to go: I want to send an Easter card to a creative friend on the other side of the ocean. I got to know her in a Facebook group, too and as it is, the card should thus be “something LawnFawny” That made sketch number 4 a natural choice:

From this:

Well, now! Sketch #4

To that: Sketch #4: no article on KatisDekoEck without a good portion of purple!

Et voila, four completely different cards ready, different topics, themes, styles and materials and literally over night. Cool, this working with a card sketch is real fun.

So, what’s next?

For me: I got to hurry up and send these cards to Vera to be in the draw for the magazine. Wouldn’t it be cool if she were to like one of them well enough to be published?

For you? Well, try it out, of course! The whole Internet is full of interesting, easy, complicated, weird, funny and beautiful card sketches, so get on, because working with a card sketch is easy and might just spark your creativity.

By the way, in case this article has inspired you to try it out yourself, please do share your project on social media and do not forget to tag #KatisDekoEck, so that I can see and admire what you created. I would be delighted.

Oh, almost forgotten, in case you want to know all the wibbily wobbily details, you can find a complete list of all materials used for each of the cards here. 

Happy Crafting!

* This article and my site are in no way connected to Vera or to the kreativbunt. de onlineshop. I do not intend to do any advertising, do not receive commissions or free products. I just wrote this because I had fun participating in the project and wanted to share this fun with you.

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