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My old school poetry album held one saying: “Order is half the life, so never arrange and live entirely”. Usually, that could be my guiding line for life, but somehow somewhen chaos takes over and creativity suffers. And so I am always on the hunt for nice, colorful, usefull solutions for storing and organising my craftstash and materials. My latest find on this journey? This! The Craft & Storage Bin from We R Memory Keepers.

Rainbow colors – oh what fun!


I had been eyeing this for quiet a while now, but the price tag somehow always hammered some reason into my head. Yet I couldn’t let it go. And so I finally caved and recently bought it at a midnight-sale offer from a German craftshop. This colorful rainbow piece of and-it-is-useful-too-ness…

The challenge for my Craft & Storage Bin from We R Memory Keepers:

So much work done. Of course now all these little cuties want to be found when needed


Three months of product testing the Brother ScanNCut  have left me with a huge stash of stamped, colored and cut beautiful images ready to be used. The mountain of treasures already blows up the box which holds them by now. So I was in desperate need of a good storage solution.

My quest for the perfect organisation idea had some predefined requirements: Beautiful, colorful, not too big, fitting in my shelving unit and absolutely useful it should be. So nothing less than being perfect for my needs.

Well, I guess, mission accomplished:

16 small colorful boxes, kept in one big see-through box – that makes this crafter’s heart jump


These Craft & Storage Bins from We R Memory Keepers simply got it all. The 16 separate boxes can be removed from the big one, close tight enough and as singles they look as much wonderful as does the whole ensemble. .

Let’s get started

First:  what is needed? And so I took all of my images and started sorting them to find a logic for storing them:

Pick up every single image – it is so hard not to get distracted from the task at hand.

Of yes – the temptation is real. Just take this one tiny image and make a quick card off it… NO: Today it is organising them, there is always a tomorrow for using them!

Having sorted the images, the next step was logical, as well: grab the label printer and print labels for all these categories (The label printer – another one of these tools, where I take so much time convincing myself to afford them and once I got them, I don’t understand, why…)


These are my categories for labelling my Craft & Storage Bin from We R Memory Keepers

Well, that’s already it – mostly!

Just adhering the labels, filling the boxes and done:


Ooh, so much beauty and color, that looks organised..

And the best part? with 16 boxes and not all of them filled, yet, there is room to grow!

But now the final check: does it fit?

ok, fits perfectly and the kinder egg Gandalf the white guards everything…

I would say, it fits like a glove.

Too good to be true? Unfortunately yes… Remember the first picture and this huge “Craft & Storage Bin from We R Memory Keepers” sticker in the middle of the lid of the box?

This little beast is what I mean…


Refused to get removed at all! Label remover, cleaning spiritus, soaking it, soaping it, fingernails, nothing…

But Brake-cleaner right form Mr. KatisDekoEck’s garage, thats what finally did the job. A bit brutal on the smell-side and not the best friend of the box’ plastic, but in the end it works. Hey, that is unnecessarily cumbersome! So take my advice: If you want to remove it, do this task first. So you are still fresh and while fighting this fight you can always look forward to sorting your images afterwards. Doing it in my order leaves the worst for last.. To be honest, not too bad in the end. Just taking the bin out of my shelves again – opening it and admiring what’s inside and the donkeywork is forgotten fast enough.

Crafter’s life as it should be…

Sooo nice and neat and ready to go

So, what’s next?

I can keep up with stamping and coloring and cutting images with only the sky as the limit, as my Craft & Storage bin from We R Memory Keepers has a lot of free capacity by now. And what will I do with all of these? Well, maybe there will be a “Christmas in August”…

What is this about, especially given that everybody in the crafting world talks about Christmas in July”? Soon to come here, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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