Finally July! New planneryear 2018 – new start or: Get ready for a new year with a plan

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Why is it that we plannergirls get so excited and tingly in June?

Well, not counting that it is my birthday month which usually means some nice little surprises, it is also the month before the month the planneryear 2018 starts.

Many of the well known planner companies (especially The Happy Planner and Erin Condren) offer planners which are either dated from June – July or from June to December of the following year. And that’s why July is the fun month for us planner addicts.

The companies usually start by April showing the new collection for the planneryear 2018 and that is when the big question gets asked: Which of  these beauties shall by my companion for the upcoming year? This year the decision was a very very easy one for me, the second I saw it I knew, this wonderful Happy Planner shall be the one!!

“Agate” is the name- this planner beauty will be at my side for this year.


Planner bought, everything done? Oh not the least!

Setting it up:

Make it even more beautiful, add folders and decorate it to make this planner your own planner!

This is the point where you lay the basis for your planneryear. But, it is just the basics. Your planner lives. It will evolve, a bit every week, every month and by the end of the year your pages will never look the same as in July, so don’t be afraid to do something wrong, just get started and try out what you like!

With this general planner setup I got everything at hand: a year at a glance, some folders to keep my on-the-go-stickers, some extra notepages for spontaneous ideas and a first color concept. Ok, I am “happy” already!


The Planneryear 2018 is set- but how to proceed now – week by week-wise?

First a tip: Don’t plan too far in advance. As I already mentioned, your planner grows and evolves. Your ideas will flow, some things might not be as important later as they are now and you might get new things to plan, to think of and to track. So never fill your planner too far in the future. In case of doubts, there are always these planner-girls best friends to avoid forgetting something: stickynotes – they are perfect to mark important events in the future without already starting to lay out the respective week’s design:

This way you can keep track of important events in the future. Just write, stick to the page and remove when planning this week.

But now: the first full week of July. I had reserved the most adorable of sticker sets – bought on ETSY weeks ago from a small shop called  DesignStickerPrints – I was so impressed and instantly in love with the colors of this set that I knew I would use it for a special occasion. Such as starting the new planneryear 2018:

These birdies just sing “spring” over and over!

But how do you use these stickers to get a decent planning for the week ahead?

Simple: Do what you like! But it is my pleasure to show how I process (please click the seperate pictures for a description):

Having done that I can start to decorate, adorn, write down and really plan what’s up for the week and when it might happen:

Before the pen – but it is a decent plan aready

And now: None other than writing down what the checklists, boxes and note boxes are meant for:

Do you want to see more details of this spread? Check out my  Instagram account because I will show the pages in close up there!

Hm, I don’t know, somehow there seemed to be more stickers on the picture above?!

Yepp, for sure. But that’s me again, I just had to save some of it. This sticker set is so adorable, I have to be able to use it at least one more time. So I resticted myself to using only half of the stickers. And see whats left for next time:

Thats enough for a second go, it will be just as beautiful!

By that my setup for my very own planneryear 2018 is as ready as is next week. Enough of space left to add new upcoming events, new things in the schedule but enough tasks not to even start getting bored. And all of it looks nice and clean and encourages me to get things started.

So, what’s next?

Try it out for yourself, find your planner style and if you got any questions, just raise them either in the comments below or via the contacts provided.

And in case this article inspired you, please share your planner or plannerpages on Instagram and tag @KatisDekoEckso that I can see and admire it!

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